People have negative feelings at the mention of private money.  There is a belief that you only acquire private money when you are being punished in some way.  There are many valuable clients and projects that need to utilize private money for a season to advance their goals for the future.  We are extremely proud of one of our clients who initially utilized private money to complete this extraordinary project.

Five years ago private money opened the door for Calvano Development to transform a run down city block in Mountain View into a beautiful new office and high density housing community. Calvano Development constructed a 111,443-square foot building from the ground up. The office is complete and soon to be delivered to Google, Inc for finishing touches! 

" The 7.8-acre land assembly comprised ten parcels from eight different ownerships, necessitating a complex acquisition process requiring separate negotiations with each entity. Calvano Development has extensive experience with such complicated assemblies that involve working with sellers, tenants, and other stakeholders. "

On Saturday, April 1st, Calvano Development conducted its official ribbon cutting ceremony for 1001 North Shoreline Boulevard in Mountain View, California.

1001 North Shoreline Boulevard


The lot consists of a 4 story office space in the nexus of Highway 101 and N. Shoreline Blvd. Recognizing the culture and atmosphere companies like Google provide for their employees, the property has a volley ball and basketball court surrounded by immaculate landscaping. 

Mark Calvano, of Calvano Development, states the project's next phase is to build more than 400 apartment units for the attending Google employees. Constructing this monumental property was a vision he was determined to see through and we believed it was possible.

Private money is more than a last resort. We see it as a way to open doors for those who have been told no to many times. SJ Morgan Private Lending Exchange believes in our borrowers and strives to be where possible begin!

If you have a dream project and can't seem to find funding, call us today to see what we can make possible for you!

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