SJ Morgan Private Lending Exchange is a company that matches borrowers who are seeking funds to purchase or refinance commercial or residential properties with private investors who are looking for solid real estate investments.


“Without SJ Morgan matching us with an investor, our circumstances would not have allowed us to have a mortgage for our family home.”

“When you need funds to invest in flipping a home, or in our case homes, working with the right investor makes all the difference. SJ Morgan matched us with the right investor, funding our flipping home efforts.”

“I wanted to purchase a small multi-unit business building so I could office in one unit and lease the other units, reducing my office expenses. SJ Morgan made that possible.”

Sonya Morgan, Broker, Co-Owner

Sonya has over 17 years experience in Real Estate and Lending. Sonya brings industry knowledge, practice and standards to the table. Her business acumen along with good relationship management allows her to effectively match solid opportunities to investor’s portfolio needs.

Joe Morgan, COO, Co-Owner

Joe’s brings his extensive background in criminal and fraud investigation to SJ Morgan Private Lending Exchange. He has an eye for detail and is working to build secure processes for both our investors and borrowers.