Many of our private money investors are seasoned real estate investors themselves who have been active in the flipping market. They are enthusiastic in cooperating with flippers in ways that realize significant returns for all in the current marketplace.


Need Funds for Flipping?

We have found that flippers have varied needs according to their current project portfolio and cash flow. Due to these varied needs we have an array of products that are utilized as needed by our flippers. Here are our flipping fund options.

  1.  Straight Note. Depending on the flipping experience and history with our investors we offer straight notes based on the purchase price with down payments ranging from 35-20%.
  • With a down payment the rate is typically 12% interest only with a 6 month guaranteed interest commitment.
  • 100% purchase price loan is available to more experienced flippers.  The note rate is typically 14% with a 6 month guaranteed interest commitment
  • 100+% purchase loan is available for higher rates when repairs are minimal.
  1. Equity Share. 100% of the purchase, rehab and all holding cost is available for an equity share in the profits of the project.  The share is still secured with a straight note loan to the borrower.